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Join The Movement #BRINGBACKNFTs

Each NFT Unlocks...

25% Revenue Share

All NFT holders will receive revenue share of our ecosystem for life. Earn passive income for just holding your NFT. 25% Royalties go back to the holders. Also 25% revenue from the $FUNK token is claimable according to how much you own. (Must own $25 dollars worth of $FUNK to be eligible for the 25% revenue of $FUNK)

Plus as an OG HOLDER.. you will be automatically whitelisted for future NFT games.

FREE Play To Earn

There are traits on every BringBackNFT that will unlock multiple FREE Play 2 Earn (P2E) games.

Holders will be able to play against each other in dynamic leaderboard contests, where they can win ETH prizes


Burning Mechanism built into the contract which at a later date will allow you to burn this OG NFT for something in return.

This is a well kept secret but there will come a date in the near future where you will have to choose wisely, unless you own more than one. 👀

"Meet Funky Fingers McGhee.......
Of Which will Be Your NFT..

FunkyXLabs Presents...


Meet Funky Fingers, a virtuoso blues musician and world champion rock-paper-scissors player. Passionate about NFTs and their potential, Funky Fingers feels the weight of the NFT space’s bear market. A sudden spark of inspiration leads him to call his old bandmate Frankie Strings in an attempt to reunite their band. 

However, there’s a catch: Frankie is hesitant, unsure about the proposition. To tip the scales, Funky Fingers proposes a Rock Paper Scissors challenge. If he wins, the band gets back together; if he loses, the plan falls through. 

The unfolding story promises to continue!

The essence of “Bring Back NFTs” lies in rejuvenating the NFT space with a touch of soul and funk. We all love the core fundamentals and potential of what NFTs can be. We all want the NFTs back and now is the time to bring em back. But this is just the beginning of something bigger yet to come. 

Featuring a limited supply of 1600, these NFTs will be available for an affordable minting price through a first-come, first-served basis. 100 will be set aside for giveaways and promotional use.

Join The Movement #BRINGBACKNFTs


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FunkyXLabs, the creative force behind Bring Back NFTs, has planned four intriguing stages for the initial phase. Here’s a tantalizing riddle to give you a glimpse of what lies ahead.

We’re not big fans of roadmaps; we believe actions speak louder than words. However, we’ll give you a sneak peek of what’s in store. 

The timing is just right – Meta is spot on! It’s the perfect moment to BRINGBACKNFTS.

We have a limited supply of only 1600 NFTs available, and they come at a low cost of just 0.019ETH per NFT. Each BringBackNFT boasts unique traits that will unlock multiple FREE Play 2 Earn (P2E) games.

Holders of these NFTs will have the opportunity to compete against each other in dynamic leaderboard contests, where they can win ETH prizes and occasionally even coveted blue-chip NFTs. This exciting feature will be available shortly after the launch.


1: ALL HOLDERS WILL BE ELIGIBLE TO RECEIVE 25% of Royalties made from this collection! 

2: ALL HOLDERS WILL BE ELIGIBLE TO RECEIVE 25% REVENUE SHARE FROM THE $FUNK TOKEN (according to how much you own) LAUNCHING SOON – (Holders must own at least $25 dollars worth of $FUNK to be eligible to claim this perk) 

Additionally, there’s a built-in burning mechanism in the contract, which, at a later date, will allow you to exchange your original NFT for something FUNKY in return.

While it’s a well-kept secret, there will come a time in the near future where you’ll need to make wise choices, unless you happen to own more than one. 👀

As for the lore, this project kicks off within the vibrant FunkyXLabs ecosystem. What’s been in the works for over 2 years is sure to blow your minds.

Think of it as your favorite Netflix TV show, with our main character, Funky Fingers McGhee, taking center stage in this exciting journey.



“Bring Back NFTs  -Mission NFT Revival” is now a 0.019 ETH PER MINT plus GAS FEE. 

5 Bring Back NFts, per wallet can be minted. 

In our quest to create an exceptional collection, we’ve taken a very human approach – we’re going with a super affordable mint price of 0.0077 ETH

This choice comes from a heartfelt desire to protect the collection’s integrity and ensure that no automated bots can swoop in and snatch up the tokens.

By going the this route, we’re putting real people, genuine enthusiasts, and dedicated supporters front and center. This helps us maintain the authenticity and spirit of the collection while nurturing a community where each member’s contribution is cherished

Yes. The team will hold back 100 BRING BACK NFTs for promotional use such as giveaways. You will never see the team put any of these NFTs up for sale on the marketplaces.

Every holder will have the opportunity to engage in play-to-earn activities and earn real ETH. Moreover, there exists a distinct trait exclusively available to Bring Back NFTs holders, adding an extra layer of uniqueness to their ownership. In the upcoming Phase 2 of the FunkyXLabs ecosystem, we will unveil further exciting developments. And, let’s not overlook the intriguing secret burn mechanism – though, for now, it’s best to keep the details hushed.

Phase 2 is where the magic truly unfolds. While we’re keeping some details under wraps for now, rest assured that it’s going to be a revelation worth the wait. Get ready for more surprises and innovations as we continue to evolve and expand our ecosystem.

Ah, you’ve got a sharp ear or better put eyes! While we can’t spill all the beans just yet, we do have a secret burn mechanism that’s part of our master plan. But shh, it’s hush-hush for now. Stay tuned for when we unveil more details, and prepare to be amazed by what’s in store!

FunkyXLabs is the dynamic entity at the heart of a fully interconnected ecosystem. The first phase, Bring Back NFTs, is just the beginning of this innovative journey.

FunkyXLabs, the beating heart of the NFT universe! Join our electrifying community, where we’re revolutionizing the NFT space with stunning art, unmatched utility, and real-world web3 connections.

Our visionary approach reshapes norms, pushing boundaries and blurring virtual and tangible lines, all while staying a step ahead.

With transparency and authenticity, our doxxed team defies expectations, delivering surprises beyond appearances.

Groove with us as we bridge reality and the digital realm, infusing NFTs with transcendent value, celebrating ownership and unlocking possibilities.

FunkyXLabs, our entity, sets the stage for change. Bring Back NFTs marks the thrilling first phase, offering play-to-earn and unique traits for holders. Phase 2 promises more excitement, with a secret burn mechanism to come – shh, for now!

FunkyXLabs shakes up the NFT world, championing creators and collectors. Join us in this movement, redefining the NFT space. Thrilled to have you in our funky community!